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BIM 360 Design Collaboration-It’s a Small World After All-There is no I in Team

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BIM 360 Next Gen – Migrating a Large Project to the Cloud

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Bring Your Building Digitally to Life with BIM

Bringing Virtual Reality to the Labor Force

Building Healthy Asset Models: A Case Study of Existing Asset Recording in BIM

Building Your BIM Standards: Essential Elements for Revit Workflows

Capitalizing on Advanced Technology in Your Company Using the Right Personnel

CES223210 7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Drawings

CES225618 Automate Modeling Workflows for Infrastructure

CES226080 – Workflows on Rails

CES226252 – Make It Move – Animating Objects for Construction

CI226444 – Get Organized Civil Infrastructure Projects

Clean Code: Tips for Writing Clear and Concise Code

Cloud Collaboration and Model-Based Communication

Collecting and Digitizing Large-Scale Existing Infrastructure Data

Complete Collaboration and More in 5 Simple Steps

Concrete Lift Drawings in Revit – People, Process and Product

Connected BIM for Structures

Connected Bridge Design

Connecting 3rd party data & automating your Revit designs in Dyamo – BLD227462

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Construction Scale 3D Printing: Past, Present, and Future Prospects

Create Instant Professional Reports Using Dynamo

Creating Flexible Revit Lighting Fixture Families for Use with Elumtools

Cross-Platform Unitized Curtain Wall

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Fabrication Parts in Revit: The Transition Continues

Fabrication Parts in Revit: Where’s My Fabrication Data? Overcome the Lack of it with Dynamo!

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Interior Design to VR

Interoperability – Tomorrow’s Solutions for Today’s Frustrations

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Managing and Resolving Challenges of Early Construction Site Planning Using BIM

Manufacturing & Architecture, Engineering: Construction Solutions Interoperability for BIM Content Creation

Mechanical Dynamo Smorgasbord: Preliminary Equipment Sizing with Dynamo in Revit

MEP & Structural Fabrication Keynote

MEP & Structural Fabrication Today and into the Future Keynote

Minute to Win it: Revit Edition

Model Audits, Checks & More

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On Track with Dynamo and Revit

Optimizing Fast-Paced Scan-to-BIM Projects Using ReCap, Revit, and Navisworks

Optimizing Your Workflows and Reducing Schedule Creep through Custom Tools

Perfecting Piping and Duct Systems in Revit

Practice Applications Training: Overcoming a Lack of Training for a 500-Plus-Person Firm

Programming Intelligent Wayfinding and Egress Planning

Programming the Work out of CAD Management

Pushing Revit to the Next Level: An Intro to Revit Plugins with C#

Putting the QA/QC into BIM

Redesign of Design: VR, AR and Empathy

Reducing Waste in Structural Steel Fabrication with BIM

Reinventing Construction: A BIM-Enabled World

Representing MEP System as Graph Data for Rapid Simulation and Analysis

Resilient Design with Triple-Bottom-Line-Enhancing BIM

Revit Module 2b – Adding Building Components – The Architecture Tab – Part 2

Revit – Adding Reinforcement to Concrete Beams

Revit – Adding Reinforcement to Concrete Walls

Revit – Adding Reinforcement to Foundations

Revit – From GoPro photos to a conceptual model in Revit

Revit – Gravity Analysis in Structural Analysis for Revit

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Revit and Inventor: How we Saved a Month per Project Streamlining our Workflow -Dane Architectural

Revit and RebarCAD: The BIM Solution for Rebar Modeling to Production Drawing

Revit for MEP Fabrication – The Process from Start to Finish

Revit for Pipe Fabrication (PipeFAB for Revit)

Revit LT – Collaboration

Revit LT – Detailing

Revit LT – Document Management

Revit LT – Presentation

Revit LT – Visualization

Revit LT – One Model Many Views

Revit MEP 01 Content For Fabrication

Revit MEP 02 Duct Part Editor for Fabrication

Revit MEP 03 Round Duct and Straight Optimization for Fabrication

Revit MEP 04 Pipe Layout for Fabrication

Revit MEP 2016_05 Export Duct and Nest For Fabrication

Revit MEP 2016_06 Electrical Cable Tray for Fabrication

Revit MEP 2016_07 Electrical Component Support for Fabrication

Revit MEP 2016_08 Calculation Setting Options

Revit MEP 2016_09 Pipe Flow Units

Revit Module 1 – Understanding the Basics of Revit and the Graphic User Interface

Revit Module 2a – Making Building Components – The Architecture Tab – Part 1

Revit Module 3 – Adding Content – The Insert Tab

Revit Module 4 – Documenting the Project – The Annotate Tab

Revit Module 5 – Making Changes to the Project – The Modify Tab

Revit Module 6a – Creating Views – The View Tab – Part 1

Revit Module 6b – Creating Views – The View Tab – Part 2

Revit Module 7 – Project Management – The Manage Tab

Revit Module 8 – Project Collaboration – The Collaborate Tab

Revit Programming for Beginners: Easily Access the Revit API Using Free Tools

Revit Structure 2016_01 Rebar Constraints Improvements

Revit Structure 2016_02 Shapes for Path Reinforcement

Revit Structure 2016_03 Improved Rebar Length Rounding

Revit Structure 2016_04 Improved Rebar Display Performance and Placement Precision

Revit Structure 2016_05 Rebar Scheduling Improvements

Revit Structure 2016_07 Member Forces For Connection Design

Revit Structure 2016_08 Gravity Analysis

Revit Structure 2016_09 Structural Loads Improvements

Revit to Advance Steel Collaboration Method

Revit, Dynamo, and Excel for HVAC Design

Revit: The Hub for Structural Engineering in a Collaborative Environment

Say Goodbye to Rework: Find Out How We Saw the Benefits of Using TigerStop

Scheduling & Estimating Integration – 5D BIM Case Study

Sensing-Based Structural Analysis

Skeletons in the Closet

Sketch to Feasibility via HFDM

Smart Building Operations with BIM

Speed Up Your Preconstruction Models for Formworks Planning Using Revit and API’s

Standardize, Automate, Generate: Transforming Delivery for the Digital Age

Standardizing Engineering Software in a Global Environment

Surviving in the Architecture Field: A co-creating workshop

Tag and Track Building Components Through the Utilization of BIM 360 Field

Take the Heat Out of Managing Pre-Construction Workflows with Forge – CCS232391

The Best Rebar Detailing Tools for Revit

The Convergence of Design, Fabrication, and Construction Model Coordination into One Model with Revit and BIM 360 Design

The DNA of an Integrated Factory Model: Combining Building, Factory, and Infrastructure

The Factory of The Future: The Industry 4.0 Reference Factory

The Family Editor from a Structural Engineer’s Perspective

The Future of Learning Things

The future of Structural Design and Analysis: Conventional or Computational

The Modern BIM Manager: Human, Machine, or Team?

The Myth of a Perfect Revit Template

The New Normal: How PCL Works with Drone Data Every Day

The New Sketchpad

The new workflow for bridge design with InfraWorks, Inventor, Civil 3D and Revit

The Next-Level BIM Electrical: Embedded Analysis Using Revit API

The Owner’s and Corporate Employee’s Pathway to BIM with Existing Buildings and Sites

The Owner’s Pathway to BIM with Existing Buildings and Sites

The Power of Reality Capture and AI Benchmarking for Improved Project Delivery

The Pros and Cons of Creating Revit Dynamo Tools vs Add-In Tools

The Revit Requirement: Benefits of TC & Designer Single Software Project Delivery

The Use of BIM in Construction Planning, Demonstrating Modularisation of Engineering Services

The Virtual Mockup: Parametric Design and Optimisation of Complex Fa├žade panels in virtual reality

The Whole 9 Yards-Visualization Workflow from AutoCAD to 3ds Max

The World’s Largest: Developing Large Urban Designs into Virtual Reality

Think Big Infrastructure Update – Glen Canyon Dam Unified Itelligent Model

Tips and Tricks About Using Revit API to Achieve Enhanced and Customized BIM Metrics

Tips and Tricks of Revit to Autodesk CFD: A-Z Tools for an Optimum Transition

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Revit Architecture Drawings and Presentations Look Great

Transitioning from Collaboration for Revit to BIM 360 Design

Underground Utility Verification and Coordination Using Drones

Using Dynamo with Fabrication Parts in Revit: How it can Automate Mundane Tasks

Using EDGE to Detail Precast Concrete from Estimating to Production

Using InfraWorks 360 for Better Site Logistics

Using Reality Capture to Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Using Revit to Generate CAM Files for Automated Precast Production

Using Revit/Dynamo to do high LOD model for Rail Projects

Utilising Open Source GIS to Integrate Geospatial and CAD Workflows – The Insights of a ‘Geographer in a CAD World’

Verify! Verify! Verify! Virtual BIM Coordination for Construction

Visualizing Design Analytics in VR with FormIt

Vrooooom-Client Presentations at Warp Speed Straight from Revit. Yes it Can be Done.

What’s New – Revit 2016 – Structure

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_01 Navigation During Redraw

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_02 IFC Links and Rooms

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_03 Rotate Project North

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_04 Open Sheet View

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_05 Revision Enhancements

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_06 Selection Boxes

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_07 Rendering

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_08 Energy Analysis

Whats New – Revit 2016 – Architectural_09 A360 Collaboration for Revit

Whats New: Revit 2016 -Architectural

Who Said Revit Can’t Be Used at Project Start for Electrical Design? We Didn’t!

Workflows to Successfully Implement BIM 360 Ops and Capitalize on BIM Visualization

XR in Design: How Perkins Will Uses XR to Complement to the Design Process Globally

You Are Now a BIM VDC Coordinator: A Talk About the Journey and What Happens Next